Music Therapy

Music Therapy
Music Therapy is an established health profession in which evidenced-based music interventions are used within a therapeutic relationship to address non-musical goals. Music therapy can be used to address the physical, cognitive, emotional, communicative and social needs of an individual and the interventions utilized by a qualified music therapist are specifically chosen to meet the needs of each person served.
Music therapy research supports its effectiveness in many areas and it has proven to be beneficial in helping individuals to engage in their treatment, have an outlet for emotional expression, connect with their family, community and friends, feel emotionally supported and improve or maintain their cognitive, speech and physical abilities.

Even individuals who are unable to actively engage in music therapy interventions can benefit from music therapy and researchers have found that listening to music can significantly decrease pain and improve mood.

VitalCare offers music therapy services to people of all ages and it can be accessed through private pay or the CES, SLS and CLLI waivers.

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