What is VitalCare?

 We are a robust team of trustworthy professionals committed to the practice of home support.   Whether you are a healthy senior struggling with transportation and house upkeep or an adult who cannot provide the care your loved one needs to live at home, we tailor our services to your family’s needs. We help families all across the Front Range, from Denver to Westminster to Longmont.

Are day-to-day activities a challenge for your ill or aging parent? Are you a healthy senior struggling with transportation or house upkeep?

You are not alone.

America is getting older, and the old approach–where caring for seniors was reserved for hospitals and nursing homes–is not cutting it anymore. Most struggles with aging simply do not warrant a transition to the nursing home. Yet, already busy family members cannot provide enough support on their own. That’s where VitalCare comes in.

VitalCare helps families all across the Front Range, from Denver to Westminster to Longmont with senior home support.

For families struggling with Alzheimer’s or dementia, our services can be a game changer–a superior alternative to costly assisted living facilities that lets your loved one live at home, exactly as they desire. For other families, we simply ease the burden of aging or illness so that living independently does not have to be a struggle. Further, we look after your loved one’s safety by managing complex care schedules, serving as an alert system, and preventing injury.

VitalCare hires only the best home support professionals, provides them with superior training, and pays them well. We select only those caregivers with exceptional interpersonal skills and a deep commitment to the profession. Before they start, we train our talented caregivers to assess your family’s unique needs, offer you a full spectrum of assistance options, and provide excellent care. As a result, our caregivers love their jobs. They share the fulfillment that comes from helping others and doing it extremely well.

Sounds expensive, right? Think again. VitalCare costs less than conventional alternatives. In fact, the long-term savings from truly excellent home support like VitalCare is substantial. The relief that comes from knowing that your loved is safe and happy at home is priceless. A few quick facts:

We can help your aging or ill loved one live at home.
Matthew Dolph started VitalCare with the mission to create a better standard for homecare services.
Meet VitalCare's Founder

Matthew Dolph

I started VitalCare with the mission to create a better standard for personal care services.  When there is a difference between what a client needs and what their health insurance actually provides coverage for, our goal is to go above and beyond to help fill that gap.  Having had years of experience in the personal care field, I understand that what’s best for our clients is not always in the coverage plan.  That is why we provide specialized services at an affordable rate that can help supplement our clients’ needs.